Wanderlust Club

Unlimited kayak rentals, unlimited bike rentals, horseback rides, discounts, and members only access...... activities designed for those who love to wander.

Annual Member Benefits

Guided trail rides at Lake Louisa State Park.

Two (2) Guided Horseback Trail Rides

Members receive two 1-hour guided horseback trail rides per year. This benefit may be used as a discount on a 2-hour guided trail ride. 

Unlimited Kayak Rentals

Unlimited Single Kayak rentals by the Member are available by reservation, or first-come-first-served walk-up basis. 

Unlimited Bike Rentals

Unlimited  Single Speed cruiser rentals by the Member are available by reservation, or first-come-first-served walk-up basis. 

Exclusive Access

Deals and early access to seasonal events like: 

  • kayak lessons
  • full-moon paddles
  • sunset trail rides 
  • and more...

Members Only Discounts

Members receive:

20% off CareFree Campsites

20% off additional guided tours 

Total Cost: $149 + tax

We heard your request, and we agree! We would love to see our most loyal, activity loving customers more often! If used twice per month, the approximate value of the membership is $830. 


How It Works

Members get a unique code to use when making reservations. You get this code when you sign up & we send you a Wanderlust Members Card to carry with you that also has your special code. 

When you're ready to come for a visit just make your reservation directly online, or call us,whichever is easiest for you. 

Get the Most with your Membership

Your membership benefits can be used for equipment not included in the membership, like a double kayak. 

Download this file to see the discount available for every eligible activity. 

What is not included?

  1. State Park Admission: park admission is $5 per vehicle, for up to 8 people per vehicle, each time you enter the park. We recommend purchasing an Annual State Park Pass in addition to your Wanderlust Club membership. These annual passes include admission into most Florida State Parks. The cost of State Park Annual Passes are $60 for an individual, or $120 for a family. They can be purchased at the Ranger Station of any state park. More information is available here.
  2. Discounts on merchandise. 
  3. Non-P3 Events or Services. Any events or activities in the park that are not coordinated and managed by P3 Lake Louisa. If you have questions, or are unclear on the management of future events, please contact us for more details. 
  4. Overnight accommodation discounts other than CareFree Campsites or Luxury Camping services. 
  5. Activities, services, or events not specifically listed above. 

Wanderlust Club FAQs


What if I want to use a tandem/double kayak?

Your membership discount may be combined with other members' discount to use tandem kayaks or canoes. If you only have one membership, you may apply your membership for a $20 discount on tandem kayaks, canoes, or SUPs.  

Do I have to make a reservation & how do I do that?

For kayak and bike rentals, we strongly recommend that you reserve your equipment ahead of time. You can do this by 1. visiting our website and reserving online. 2. calling us to make the reservation for you. or 3. visiting us in person at the Camper Canteen. If you do not have a reservation, you may use the equipment on a first-come-first-served basis, and we cannot guarantee availability. 

For any guided tour or activity, you MUST register in advance. You can save your space for tours and activities the same way you reserve equipment- either online, over the phone, or in person. 

What do I need to bring when I use my membership?

Please bring a government issued photo ID with you every time you plan to use your membership. The agent or guide arrange your tour or equipment will verify your membership at the start of your visit. 

How do I schedule my horseback rides?

When you sign up for the membership club, you will be credited with two 1-hour long horseback rides, and given a booking number for the rides. You may schedule these rides at your convenience. Standard cancellation policies apply. 

Can I let a friend or family member use my membership?

The membership may only be used by the original person the membership is assigned to. However, if a member plans a visit and wants to use a two-seat kayak or canoe, the member discount may be applied. The member must be present to receive the discount.