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Horsemanship Clinic

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Hands-On Learner

Join Our Horsemanship Clinic Series for Transformative Experiences at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, FL


If the eyes are the window to the soul, horses are our mirror…… They give us exactly what we give to them. Learning to build a thriving partnership with a horse, as well as fostering the mentality of a life-long learner, is a life changing experience, no matter your age, style of riding, or experience level.

Our Clinic Series focuses on developing physical, technical, and emotional skills to confidently handle your horse through routine, at-home experiences, as well as when venturing out on riding excursions.

Our experienced clinicians will prepare you for success while getting the most out of your relationship with your four-legged partner. Your ticket price includes provided lunch, vegetarian options available. If you have sensitive dietary restrictions, please pack your lunch. Please double check the Topic and Clinician before registering. Registration fee are non-refundable.

We believe discipline, patience, and a life-long learner attitude lead to great rewards! We look forward to growing together.