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What Makes the Best Horseback Riding Orlando Has to Offer?

In a city often associated with the fast pace and crowds of theme parks, just outside Orlando is a serene escape awaiting those wanting to take a break from the rush, enjoy some fresh air, and decompress at a slower pace. Just around the corner from the roller coasters and bustling crowds, Lake Louisa State Park emerges as an oasis of tranquility, offering an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with nature. There is no question that becoming immersed in the natural beauty of the park, while on the back of a horse is the best horseback riding Orlando can offer. 

Lake Louisa State Park, a 4500 acre conservation land, prioritizes recreation for its visitors and is open 365 days a year. This hidden gem stands as a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a different kind of adventure. We at P3 have the privilege of offering a variety of tours and activities in the park, including horseback rides on the many miles of beautifully diverse trails. 

1. Perfect for All Experience Levels

Every ride is accompanied by two experienced, friendly guides. Whether you’re an experienced rider or have never been on a horse, our trail rides are suitable for all skill levels. Riders have to be at least 8 years old, have a BMI score below 32, may not be pregnant, and meet a few other basic requirements that can be found here. 

While making a reservation, some basic information is collected that helps our guides match each guest with the horse most suited for them. We ask for height, weight, experience level, and physical limitations. 

Upon arriving, our guides greet our guests and spend a couple minutes getting to know them and their comfort level. Guests watch a riding tutorial video, and participate in a safety talk with their Lead Guide. We take a lot of time to be sure our guests are prepared and comfortable before getting on their horses. 

When it’s time to get on, our guides help guests up one at time, making any final adjustments to tack and equipment. Once everyone is mounted, its time to hit the trail! The first reason we offer the best horseback riding Orlando has to offer is that our guests can relax with confidence knowing that their guides and horses are well-prepared to give them a fun and safe experience.

2. Amazing, Well-Cared-For Horses

a close up of a horse that is looking at the camera

At any given time, we have 14-20 horses at the park. Our herd is supervised by Arden, our owner, and is very carefully managed by a team of dedicated horse men and women. Each horse has a unique care plan based on their particular needs. Things like diet, exercise, enrichment activities, and rest are tailor to each horse, and continually reviewed to be sure our four-legged friends are getting everything they need for a healthy, happy life. Our horses see their vet for routine care every 3 months, they see their dentist once a year, and they see their farrier every 5 weeks. 

The horses come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are rescues, some are retired show horses, and some are experienced pleasure riding horses. The one thing all the horses have in common is an exceptional demeanor. Their job as a trail horse is not extremely physically demanding, and it doesn’t require any fancy skills from the horses. However, it takes a very special horse to patiently carry inexperienced riders day after day. Think about riding in a car with an inexperienced teen driver who isn’t very good yet- just riding in the car with them can wear you out! Just like some people are more tolerant and relaxed in a car with inexperienced drivers, some horses are more tolerant and relaxed with inexperienced riders. Our horses at Lake Louisa are champs with riders of all skill levels (even none!). 

The second reason we have the best horseback riding Orlando has to offer is the excellent care and condition of our horses. We treat our horses like family, and it shows. 

3. Beautiful Setting

a large green field with trees in the background

There are endless features and aspects that make Lake Louisa State Park an incredibly beautiful, historically significant, and environmentally vital part of Central Florida. To understand what makes the park so beautiful, you have to start with the land. The park is situated on the Lake Wales Ridge and is within the Green Swamp, both of which we could write volumes about. These are both very special characteristics of Central Florida that we get to enjoy on a daily basis. 

Sun setting over a stand of pine trees.

Because of the unique geographical features created by the ridge and the swamp, Lake Louisa State Park is home to 11 distinct eco-communities, and several endemic species. The un-Florida-like rolling hills create ecological diversity, as well as stunning views. The most common reaction when people visit the park for the first time is: “WOW! I had no idea this was all here!” In all fairness, it is hard to believe the the vast beauty and pristine native lands are so close to the urban sprawl. 

The third reason we have the best horseback riding Orlando has to offer is an absolutely unmatched setting. There simply is not another location in Orlando with the size, condition, and amazing features of Lake Louisa State Park. 

4. Many Options to Explore the Park

1-Hour Ride

This is our most popular ride, and what we recommend for first time riders or folks who haven’t been in the saddle for a while. This ride covers about 3 miles of trail, and passes through at least 3 distinct eco-communities. 

2-Hour Ride

For our cowboys and cowgirls who have their saddle legs, this ride is perfect. We journey out on a different trail than the 1-hour ride, and cover about 6 miles. This trail offers stunning views, and a greater chance to see wildlife. a table full of food

Sunset Trail Ride Charcuterie Board

Champagne & Charcuterie Sunset Ride

The only thing better than a sunset trail ride in the park, is a sunset trail ride that includes champagne, charcuterie, and s’mores over a campfire! This very popular ride is available for most the year. 

Morning Mimosa Ride

In the hottest months, we swap out the Champagne & Charcuterie Sunset Ride for an early Morning Mimosa Ride! Hitting the trail as the dew settles offers a special glimpse of the park’s wildlife waking up. After the ride, a fruit and pastry board is served alongside mimosas. 

Riding Lessons

Whether you’re visiting the area on vacation, or are a local resident, our riding lessons are a great way to further your skills! This program focuses on all-around horsemanship and balanced riding. 

The number four reason you can find the best horseback riding Orlando has to offer at Lake Louisa is the multiple options and opportunities to ride and explore the park. 

5. A Love for Sharing the Park & Our Horses

Our team has a deep passion for both the park and our horses, and as Florida natives, hospitality is baked into our bones. Lake Louisa truly is a lovely retreat, just a few minutes away from the area’s biggest attractions, and we would LOVE to share it with you! 

Horseback rides are available 365 days a year. Scheduling is easy; you can take a look at available ride times here. Whether you live here, or are visiting, this unique experience is one you won’t want to miss. 

The final reason we can confidently say we offer the best horseback riding Orlando has to offer is our deep love for what we do, and where we do it. Some things you just can’t fake. 

Spend a Full Day in the Park

Horseback rides are definitely one of our favorite things to do in the park, but that doesn’t mean the other options aren’t awesome, too!  Guided Off-Road Segway Tours, Kayak Tours, and Glamping are just a few more ways to fully enjoy what Lake Louisa has to offer!



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