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Spotlight Horse: Monte

Happy Horse with a Big Heart

Age: 9

Breed: 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Saddlebred

Monte, aka Montesaurus Rex (because he is a tall boy!), has been at the Hitching Post for several years and is a gentle, curious trail horse. Monte was born in Washington State, and came to Florida when he was just 2 years old to train as a competitive show horse at PeriLee Show Horses. 

Monte trained for 4 years as a Hunter Pleasure horse and competed at many Arabian Horse Association sanctioned shows. He competed with amateur riders, as well as in the open division (the big guns) being ridden by his trainer. Although Monte tried very hard, and won many awards, not every horse is cut out to compete at such a high level. When his trainer realized that he just wasn't happy as a show horse, she started looking for other options. When a horse isn't cut out for the job intended for them, it can be a challenge to find a suitable, healthy home. 

Luckily, we met Monte and had full faith that he would try his hardest and settle well into a life at Lake Louisa. He was quite nervous in the beginning, but despite the serious doubts of many, Monte's big heart shone through! After almost a year, Monte was finally ready to become a full-fledged trail horse. 

These days, he can be quite mischievous. He is often seen playing with and taunting his herd mates, much like a little brother would taunt his older siblings! Monte loves to explore the trails, and loyally cares for our visitors on each ride. 

Life of a Show Horse

Show horses can be compared to professional athletes. They have a rigorous training and conditioning schedule,  must have excellent training, and a lot of natural talent. When a horse isn't cut-out to compete at the level intended, it can be difficult to find a suitable home with a new job. Lucky for Monte, he found a new life and forever home with the P3 family.