Unicorn. Arabian Horse. Trail Rides.

Spotlight Horse: Freckles

Kindness, Courage, Versatility: A True Arabian

Age: 23

Breed: Arabian

Freckles, seen above posing as a unicorn, is a purebred Polish Arabian. She found her forever retirement home at the Hitching Post in 2017. She is a very special horse who has traveled the globe and made an impact on her world.  Born in Poland, Freckles' registered pedigree name is Gay Fiera Prima in honor of her bloodline. We call her Freckles for obvious reasons! 

Freckles is a beautiful example of the Arabian horse, and has highly sought-after bloodlines. A true Arabian was bred as a desert warhorse by the bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula. Arabians should be courageous enough to charge into battle, be kind and gentle enough to sleep in a tent at night with the family and children, and strong and versatile enough to thrive in the harshest desert climates. 

She was born in Poland, were she trained as a youngster on the Polish racetrack. She was brought to the United States when she was about 5 years old. From then on, her entire job was to be a mother in order to pass on her exemplary traits. She would occasional take farm visitors out for light rides, but most of her days were spent caring for her offspring at Hennessey Arabians

When Freckles became too old to continue having babies, she needed a job that would keep her active, healthy, and motivated. While her previous home was more than willing to continue caring for our sweet girl, a horse thrives most when they have a job and a purpose, and it can be a challenge to find a perfect home and job for an aging horse. When we met Freckles, we knew she would be perfect at the Hitching Post. Her true Arabian qualities shone through from the start.

Our sweet, smart Freckles exemplifies every aspect of an Arabian Horse. She is a treasure to our herd and will remain in our loving care for the rest of her days. 

A Polish Arabian?

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