Spotlight Horse: Amber

A Heroic History

Breed: it's a mystery!

Age: 15-19, we're not quite sure!

Our horses come from all different backgrounds, but Amber's history is more heroic than most. One of our wranglers, Corrie, learned of Amber at a rescue facility here in Central Florida called Second Chance Stable. Amber was found in a holding facility in Louisiana, scheduled to ship to a slaughterhouse. Second Chance organized a fundraiser to rescue Amber and another horse at the same facility. 

When Amber made it to Central Florida, she was scared and very underweight. It took some time and TLC to get Amber back to a normal weight and to learn her personality and quirks.  Eventual, Amber was offered up for adoption and one of our wranglers brought her home.  Amber's adoption fee covered the cost of her rescue AND went toward the 'bail' for another horse headed to slaughter. (Second Chance Stable really is a great place!). 

After spending almost a year getting to know Amber, Corrie realized that Amber would be a perfect fit for life as a trail horse. As expected, Amber fit right in, and was a perfect, curious, easy-going horse on the trails. Our only concern from the beginning was that Amber was a very solitary horse. She didn't seem to make friends and would spend all of her day standing alone in a corner. Living a solitary life is not normal for a horse, and we were often worried and sad trying to imagine what in her previous life led to her being such a loner. 

Just when it seemed Amber would be a solitary horse forever....... her soulmate, Traveller, arrived. Traveller is the exact opposite of Amber. He is a tall warmblood with highly valued bloodline, who has spent his life in the lap of luxury. As soon as he arrived, we saw a living example of opposites attracting. Amber gravitated to him like a magnet. It was absolutely love at first sight.  

Now, Amber's life is complete. She will spend the rest of her days here in the safe, loving care of the P3 trail riding family. 

Fun Facts

Because Amber came from a rescue situation, we don't know her background. Our vet can estimate that she is between 15-19 years old, but her breed is a mystery! We have guessed she is some combination of:

  • Paso Fino
  • Donkey 
  • Shetland Pony
  • Quarter Horse
  • Whats your guess?